Would it be a surprise to you to learn that most Carpet Cleaners have no formal training?  Carpet Cleaning is an unregulated industry which requires no licensing.  Is training and certification important?  Is Carpet Cleaning a task that just about anyone can perform?

 Keep in mind that the Carpet Cleaner is dealing with a very important  asset of yours.  Should you trust your carpets with anyone?   Unfortunately there are many “rogues” in this business. They seem to care only how much money they can get from you.  They do not care about quality Carpet Cleaning.  Unlike other industries that are required to be licensed, Carpet Cleaning is not.

  But the good news is there are companies who really care about your carpets and do a first-class job of professionally recognizing that the standard must be raised.  Those of us who care, help police our own industry.


  One such organization is the “Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification”, IICRC.   This organization provides certification courses and exams for the Carpet Cleaning industry.


 By attending these schools, Carpet Cleaners are taught about fiber identification, carpet construction, cleaning chemistry, cleaning methods, and professionalism.


 There are several levels of Certification. I hold the Journeyman Technician. I have had my Certification since 1990.


 So, does all this mean anything?  Yes, it means a lot!  It means that a Certified Carpet Cleaner is on the cutting edge of technology and change in our industry. 


 It means that a Certified Carpet Cleaner knows the right way to perform cleaning procedures and about chemistry.  It means that a Certified Carpet Cleaner is working together with other Certifed Carpet Cleaners to raise the standards of Carpet Cleaning in general, therefore providing you with a high quality product!


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