Your carpet is a major investment in your home, one you hope will last for years.  And it can, if you follow a few simple rules for carpet care.  We hope to help you keep your
carpet looking it’s best for a long time, and be healthier, too!

Warranty Information
Copies of specific warranties on your carpet purchase may be available from your carpet retailer.  Stain resist warranties can vary from 5 to 20 years.  ALL STAIN RESIST WARRANTIES REQUIRE REGULAR CLEANING BY THE HOT WATER EXTRACTION WITH A TRUCK MOUNT UNIT

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!  
The more often you vacuum your carpeting, the better.  A rule of thumb is no less than once weekly, at least the “traffic areas” (where everyone walks).  Remember from the Consumer Education Message that dirt  is sharp and can cut your carpet like a knife.  If you keep this dirt off the carpet, you can keep damage from happening and extend the life of your carpet.  If you have children and/or a pet or two, you might want to increase vacuuming to twice weekly or even more.

Purchase a quality vacuum cleaner.  
Not all vacuums are the same.  You want to get the best you can afford, with a lot of suction power.  This helps get the most dirt off your carpet each time you vacuum.  Be sure to empty the bag or canister frequently, and check any filters for clogging. Don’t forget to check the belts. If you are not sure how to maintain your vacuum, take it to a reputable vacuum repair shop.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned.
How often, you ask?  Most professional carpet cleaners recommend at least once a year for best results.  Of course, this depends on the amount of use your carpeting gets.  Is this Grandma who lives alone?  Or is there a family of 6, with friends coming and going, and both of the family dogs too?  The more use your carpet gets, the more attention it needs to be its very best.  A small investment in cleaning twice or more each year might just get you several more years of wear before you will need to replace your carpet.  This allows you to plan for that major expense.

Tackle Those spots right away!
on’t let those spills wait until tomorrow!  Always blot up any spot immediately, before it has time to ‘set’ into your carpet.  Some stains may not come out, even with professional cleaning, if they have been allowed to sit for too long.  Ask your carpet professional what to use if you should have an accidental spill.  When Tomy’s Carpet Care cleans your carpeting, we will give you a bottle of spot treatment to keep on hand for those minor emergencies, and we’ll give you spot removal tips.

Consider having carpet protector (Scotchgard) applied
periodically when you have your carpet cleaned.  This will help prevent spills from becoming stains, and also will allow your vacuum to work more efficiently.

Use Mats At Every Door.
Professionals call these “Walk-Off Mats”.  Be sure they are large enough that you must walk several steps on them before you enter your home, this will take off a great deal of the dirt on your shoes, about 95%. (which now does not go into your carpet)  Shake out or vacuum them frequently.  If it’s not too much of a problem for your family, you can also remove your shoes before entering, and keep ‘house shoes’ handy to wear.